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"Touch the Land Lightly"

the alternate approach to development

Development of land is inherently destructive, but ultimately necessary for growth. Balancing our need to grow and build with protecting the environment is important everywhere, but of paramount importance in areas that have as much biodiversity and critical functions to our ecosystem that we experience in Coastal Eastern North Carolina. Our environmental sensitivity in construction protects not only the environment, but what draws people to the area – its beaches, fishing, hunting, marsh views, and animal interactions.


7Pines Site Plan_small.jpg

7 Lots: 6 Homesites, 1 Shared Community Space

Lot 1: 117.74' of waterfront, 1.283 acres
Lot 2: 141.96' of waterfront, 1.436 acres
Lot 3: Shared Community Space (gardens, swings, etc.)
Lot 4: waterview, 0.931 acres
Lot 5: waterview / forest backyard, 0.80 acres
Lot 6: pine forested lot, 0.65 acres
Lot 7: pine forested lot, 0.71 acres

Amenities include a shared day dock for water access, a nature trail, a shared community lot, and an entry that has been chiseled away around the tress that will bring you back to what driving into an eastern North Carolina pine forest felt like 100 years ago.


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